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Our support staff are always on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to make sure that you're never more than an email, phone call or instant chat away from a helping hand.   More...
House Rules House Rules

Before you start your long, and hopefully prosperous, poker career with the Poker Room, we?ll ask you to agree to our Terms and Conditions when you first register. By agreeing to this you confirm amongst other things that you?re over 18 and you?re playing from a location in which online gaming is legal.   
Random Number Generator Random Number Generator

The randomness of our random number generator is tested by comparing a very long sequence of generated numbers to various statistical distributions. If any of these tests are found to be outside theoretical limits, the random number generator is not used. The current version of the random number generator was tested (and is continually tested) using a sequence of 300,000,000 (three hundred million) numbers to verify its randomness.   
Rake Information Rake Information

From the real world to the internet, a poker room earns its money by taking a small percentage of each pot in real money games. This is called the rake. The rake is determined by the number of players in any given game and the table stakes. Generally the rake is between 0% and 5% of each total pot.
Not all hands are raked, as we operate a no flop, no drop policy. In English, that means we only take a rake from hands where the flop is seen.   
Responsible Gaming Responsible Gaming

Poker In Europe supports responsible gaming.   
Terms And Conditions Terms And Conditions

We want all our customers to enjoy the interactive nature of this product and the sense of community which interactive poker uniquely fosters. We also take every effort to ensure the experience is fun and not spoilt by cheating or bad behaviour.   
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Don't worry, you're not alone.   
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Poker In Europe, online since 1997.   
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